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tv   Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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udstaio 1 inke rocerfell plaza. a ghrity. ve hao nidea whois it ut bt' is wi dnesay wedadnesy, erevy,ybod br fe 1uary0th. >> is it . 'sthatle cald "wild gsthin" by es alia cal.rrol >>yes. 's it their f dstay oft leno s- - >>in givgom sngethi up. >> s,ye tarhey e. >> ak spe oingfil wd th,ings look at hi ts hot letoma. yo luook eagrt,l dol baby. >> ha tnk you. k than you. ra>> fnsc dre ihers he mre,ore an edimatn tha .ever llshe'l tel usut abo that. >> id i dn't rlieazet iswa ash we dadnesy. s iaweb som iodyen th binuildg d an in' didtan wto t iug thoht maybere the was thsome wingrongh wit them. t bu now k inow. so ex it nsplaial it l. >> 'l youe l set a lohaof tt. . sticpatrcak's rathed rl isight he re. >> g oh, ood. e>> we havhi ts rlleay great si erng fenrid y'rou gengoio t keli. nu omberneon sgn o the bi arllbod.
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your son,th by ye wa -- or your ugdahter told me about it, but syourolon td your dahtuger. ayanywve, edyrybo loves tshoma rh ett. he fo perrmedas ltig nht on al"fn.lo" >> ye.ah >> > youbute srta cieut pie. yifou't donno k hwimet y -- you ca een s d i'ton --ou yro pblbay oush.ld shethoo tam ge pyilangid veo ga >> an cou yma inegi atth? 1>> 1 bonilli . hits >>yi plangeo vid o >>isn h utyoube chl.anne a >>eond p aplere winatchg m,hi fr an. >> a has lot of time onir the s.hand >>tlexacy. >> a got lot of time. w e'reng goi toeb dut so inmeth pgmehenonalnd a i'm g gointo erovsell it. t >>hiss i g toingooc r ykour rl wod. >> ka oy. is th c isdallein we bot. ik>> le a robot. abut wine w >> te'll yellouow hs thiis go toing y plath in e show. we n'll teeduo yo getn o terwitt g toheet aad of it and getdy rea p tolayit wh us. t ger you phone out and have tw ritte wo yould iku lome seor wds of omwisd?
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>>hi tse camro fm j.k. wlro ing, wrwho alote e l th"harry po"tter bo oks. ro otck b btomeecam the un foondati on which i rltebui my li fe. is t thaod go? >> yeah. >> em rem sberheiv lned i her ca r. >> ot wride, d a lotf oar hry po stter otuffn nas.pkin ju st crinleedib. e' shs are gat inatspirion. >> ou> y had a n big zight blie nt we. >> en i wot t theed rss dre dsawart hos bid n'womas day. i t don'k thinremy dasss wd. re itoo lkeded r athe t time. >> s it' nkpi, hoda. >> re thejo's y,ck stiing her bum ou t. >> h sheoas n bum. he>> s n'doest. sshe' so nyti. 'sthat the bandry per who orperfmed. they had aon s cgdalle "if i die yo "ung. aii shed t ny'reotyi plang atth. su enre ,oughhe ty did. k than tyouo t alleohe pplem fro n'womaays d f i i dieou yng >> s it' acameriarn het as atsoci bion, tuthe song waso s ,good d ittidn' ma.tter ok lot ary evebodyin lovg it.
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noterevy.ybod n'i dohit tynk mot mher 'lthey hlave a newho swut o ca lled"frulle ushoore" f all ago. ttheerrail its ou .show wenow e havbeit, e causn elle ysalwa getsng this t.firs w >> heate r.he l >>et's take a look. >> hello, ta-inner nos. om>> cne o . in h,>> o . geez ef>> b woree eat, i have ay ok? da wmn,ell a stilloo lk . good ha>> t t'sayok. y'momms here. m i'av hing aou tgh da y, i e havee thr boys to count on me eforthverying but for their fst me tire we' g toingo ben o our ow n. >> i'mar cleingy mch seedulnd a mo ivingn with my hesc. dule ou>> y need meht rig a >>ndou y need me. m i'in movg in, too. >> kimmy,ou yo d notee nd too d . this a>> i wgreedjith . u yootdo nd neeo to dthis.
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n'i doowt kn i ifho s bulde ll puthing upis . d >>u o yohave sereiorvatns? >> yes! i l feeik le iul shoed b home oo>> lks tecu. i >>t wan to seet i now. fo bere ias w n'tresu. l >> looks tikerehey'll sti vi hang aoo gd time toergeth. ngraties arke li? we 't don knowor f sure. th sis ibc n wsne. no njcoreectu, eaplse. >> ll e aensked thet cas if th eey'ren rewed for sneaso two an fd iy therewe, werehe t nolse stwine mak an peapcearan? w >>hola pyedhe t leittll gir ch mi. elle he>> taiy se'd wotre nct aesress an e.ymor t >> dheyaso f ahion ondther gsthin. b >>heut tuly coetd gir the ersistho, w is ade wonrful esactrs. >> s, yey theulcod. reyou' ri ght. es>> y! w >>onhy dhe't toy d ?that >>on i d't owkn. ca i sn'tolve evoderyby's pr msoble. l >> met's oveon. >> all ri.ghty re belwi .lson rs fi t ofall, i love her. >> 's she fun.
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d dievyou ieer lut abo your age? we ld cou w doine bot now. >> ie lov re bel. e >> wdcoul w doine tbo with th quat onesti. co 'tuldn we? >> we ulcod. h >>yoave eru evd lietabour you it wa. t is thathe quonesti? >> we'llo dtheer oth one r.late slet' -- e>> wav he to done o esqu. tion h,>> o . crud et>> l s'savehe t wine a >>ll t,righ daho. >>eb relso wilidn d assddre cl taims shathed lietabou her e agn whe sheed movro fm au rastalio tol hwolyod feiv ye sar ago. everyone thought she was iner h s20ec bseauhe sla pdye "pitch i>>ov l eberel. n'i doart cowe h oldhe s is. so sc diedover w sheas 35. h.marc fgoodor her. he>> s tdalke about it on the ow sh this .week wh atid d s sheay? iomentn .it wew kno aboutt tha inho oollywd. er th ae'sot l of tshingoi gng ag tains you, .fran
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in hooollywd? >>.no i tryot n to do .that i tdon'nk thit' i gsoodor f nwome toee fdo int .that ri ght? >> d goo foryo u. [ htlauger ] i >>ctn fa, iav heo tel tl yo u, asi w lngooki at yound a kithinowng hut bea yifulou lo . oked se>> e. >> s it' a notboute m but now ithat. t is ou>> yr fa yce,our s.hand i ug thoht wow! >>nk thau, yo eeswrtthea. fr an fr eanni a indav hene beri f ends for,ak speing ofge a- - d>> i on't,know 40? ow>> nre we'ri woredut abo the nu s.mber w >> dhenouid yst fir t goo ywhollood? >> uh, yeah. obprlyabbo a -ut- um, ,yeah 38 ar yes ago. >> iou rnded it off, fran. >> but't don round it off erhigh. bu ton i d'thi tnk ias w being in ietervbywed thees lik of you. >> no. we e wer allta sgrtin ourar ceers t athe sameim te. >> i buts t ha mbeen wyhole ca ,reer for,suree onc ita srted
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on>> d y'touov le anfr? st ju lngooki at her. >> i love herod by ngla. uage >> ytever. hing er>> h eacl. vage >>'s she adleorab. > >> allri.ghty ewe'rng goi tola py oure win bot qu onestino w. >> nafilly! >> s it' time. pa y ntatteion. lwe'lw sho youow h to do this. da fd o a 12r--yea gold iirls ma kings new bseecau his dteaughr edshow l upate forsc .hool hepp droed her off late t andhe re wasonecas b hausese wa at a ngsprin steencco ert. it>> wheh r. >> h witr. he hek toois h two dteaughrs to at th. st inofead ay singom sngethi ,else t heold the h.trut t >>he tr uth. nd>> a heai sd -- >> itas lted 3/2 1 urhos. >> re we' y.sorr an nyd, a--way th so waere s ap ntpare lly aeittl bit of a ow bl fback tromheoo schhal tt yo u're tgakinr you kid out to a nc co lert aate tndhen theid k sh ows up tela. qtheiouestsn i- -s this ire whe e the winot b comes in. th uee qnstio ,is iits okay to take your kid out ofch slooor f an nt eve launretoted olscho? tis ika ooy te takr you kid out s oflchoo for annt eve unterelad
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syouay yes. why? ke mar you case. >> i say yesau becyse men parts ididort f me when w iaswi grong . up an frndk a ik too our kidsll a toverorhe wldhe wn we had an op unport tityoav hne a pe exceriensi outhede tss claroom th ouat wld be huge. hu ge! an uld wohad c tngeheir life. fi delynite. ateduc dion'toesnt jusom ce wi tthinchhe sool llwas. >> t tha awasat gre g.thin i d sai --ow n my ptsaren w ere oldolscho,au becsehe tyll reay di -dn'te- wer nev mdisse sc .hool wese ud toe hav to gof ie w re wen'tli feeng 100% great. e ther nwasone oft tha f.stuf s iay oklo,ou yrid kees nd to go to olscho. in thbok a ut,this outhgh. th uye gk toom theo t aon ccert ou att let tha t,nighhe tn they icame sntolchoo sot ils fee li t'ke i oskayo tho s uwp tela. t >> whattasn' the esqu. tion 'm>> it jusin addog t my ar ntgume. y >>avou h men'tadeou yr gu ar. ment y>> mum argent ist' isot n okay. just do this. goo t twr.itte ogo t ndklga ohodanur ott twi er g.thin
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>> no ,ou y t.don' >> ?what , ohr o you can #tmkea. lg h>>ows iisth hainppeng? c >>ome on, lepeop! >>k loot a isth. w >>hat hnsappes i as youas hh ta urg, o wine geslassil fl up. come on, pe!ople ow she me som .love , norewe a not pistopng. we n areot ok lohy, w't don you geao ahdnd a ke tar yououkid st ofl choofor ev hierytng? ma ybene disy wo rld. d>> itidn' say that. >> theor memhay tet th kid has wi heth ten part willar fee excd th cosee ouplouof hrs inhe t srclas oom. ye>> s! c >>ome on, oppele. wh so ha theon mey andea mons t keepak tingir the kids er evreywhe? m >>yar pents dtidn'av hehe t y.mone dtheyt idn' thaveonhe mutey b ey thnd fouay a wta to ske u ywever. here >> h,oot' i sso tiexcing. >> t thaos almt l looksike an ut ter.
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sa ying et"l'sy pla iehook to "day. enwe wt shngoppint, weth to e vi monde a had a fun y.da w >>hosn doeov't leho sgppin and go tingheo t vimoes? >> ink thi'm ini winng. >> i'mat cgchin .up y ifeaou rllyry tar hdhe t are's ig slhtha c inceig matht cch . up he w bna arbrisstreands say le dt'so ncluh, you sayhe wn and wh fr rean dr sche.dishessiness d anke ctae ar theofeo pe whpl ottermaos mt. wson yohe tur refaxd unrivears, ma t ke i lgo afuittle rrthe w lectom ecsroniom, to hr,e decoen t ev,ires get low pricesn ev oyterng hiu yoedne g tooret mn e fu yout ofr oux tafundre. art.walm pimy opainoid ic medation s isng mlowisiy indes to ra a cwl.
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knowi 's. itme aweso. boo->>yah. bl iow.t up sh buaked's bns bea. owslooke cacd rdincotog ur o cretseam fy reilpeci wi a htht in they're the vegetable kids love. 're theylltotangy eatiei thgetar ve.blesbo h.o-ya i>>blow.t up wh ?aaat bu baksh'seaed bns. th iee vegglo kids ve. our try stnewer, flavo n bbasiaq. avai e lablfor ad limite onltimey. > >>h, o lookt a .that sit'so sad, . hoda >>no. we v'reery close. 'r weere vy oscle. >> se closn doeet't g it, as you kn ow. >> #todeamha. >> s say the caesucus. >> acestrs, aocdveatnd a thauor, iwhos as fsamous a her e.voic
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us flnghi k,nown as theea lovble anfrro fm an"nny." >> ow> ndi lenng herce voio t ra "tvansyl nia"two. ke ta a oklo. >> i hopes it' ptacceleab. >> well played. >> t' i seagrt. th yoank u. jo ,hnnyyo do owu knre whe you pu het tub rber argud? >>ab byof proing a ilguneloti? so you cutou y frringe off. it ar's pf t othe fun. ow>> hh muc d funouid ye hav gdoinis th? >> wa it s a asblt. m i'o s glad theync idlude me in th e quseel. 's it w arfondeovul mie. th s is isethe conde.on nowt' isva aleilab on bly.u-ra h itllas a theam seid viv l ife tto in whe you goth to e ea th.ters git'sneenuily nnfuy, as youan c se e. th sere'ma so reny gatic comns i it nd ahe t itwr ers.
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to achors w lenthe tir vs?oice ev>> kamin jes and, of urcose, adamndsa ler. ou>> y i'ren good mpcoany? >> ye ah,he t gre'sreateo pple in it. >> m how tuch dime ioes ttake r fotoyou on do te ofhose th ?ings ou>> ykn ow, d ion'te havh suc a huge parto s fore mas blyical i co nme ior f a day. wtheyant mere the inr haind a upmakeau bechese ty shoothe t hi behend t sc.enes nieverad h the lyuxur ofng doi ace voi overnd a -- i'my ver at gr. eful ou>> y l hadunchit whar bbra isstreand? >> s. ye w >>wahat soi gng onth ere? sh ase h a fatoundion for n'womes al he th,right? >> sh e sedtart at dacer nasii in lo s leanges,br barrea stdisan me wo hn's hearthealt ntceer. sh e iednvit me toch luno tal tk ab out ,ito t mtelloue ab. t it >>id dhe s callou y onhe t e?phon he>> ty-m edaile me. t inubhe s yjectou seear bbra st anreist'd ilis ke, ayok,n ope at th. >>. yeah
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or zagani.tion i'me lik i n'motl rea -- i wa rsn'tyealls ari appsedn o n'wome hseart thheal. at wh's enhapping? >> thein we is erovinflowg! >> oh, my god! he>> t wine is ovowerfling. t bywahe e y, wldshou pointut o e ontl bote goeso int one of os the . cups >>ee k tp shattuff inflowg. >> t wainua mite! it oi's gng onhe t r.floo y >>eou'r getting all theas hh ta gs,at khie lee. ou>> y know wh?at #h oda. t'>> ioos t tela, daho. y >>ou owkn,ir fst i hado t get ov ert tha i was ttsiing, hgavin nc luh with ba arbrisstre and. he>> widre d yougo? >>th to e agbellioel hot in ve be rlyhi lls. >> i lovet tha tehol. >> theoo fd is deoulicis. it in's kfd o t.ligh er evngythi was pr.eset he r muranice was ecperft. >> of co. urse nd>> aou yan c seen ithe
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an dig lht upmake. e' sheas rllyov lelynd ay ver as unngsumi. an oud, y know,o s once i ar st yted,ou ,knowt justi getng st pa ,that yeou'r ba arbr isstre aandndha wts ithatre dss yo wu'rengeari andet l mek loo at r youai nls andr you hair and t le mek loo at- -t ioo lksik le sh deid her ownr hai and upmake. i >>e lik . that ll>> ase thehi tngs a girl th inksbo a wuthenhe s'sin ding wi arth bstbra anreisd. th en she sedtart to sayhi tngs th at ratesoned with me. wmoreomen dief o heartlu faire th anll a crance incombed. we 't don rniecog tzehe symsmpto. y>>'rou eghri t. >> re su. >> toowmorr'm, ioi dng theed r es drass fhion show. >> a youalre wking the nwruay! >> !yeah iand said but,ou y ,know i'mt a le ast like ,five 15ou pnds er ovhtweig. e shd sai'r youeoi gong t lose . it hyou save ixekwes.
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>> you look rggo. eous re>> a you go tohe t -- y >>es! h iave anma ateurki stke wor d out. ou>> y do? e th red is erovinflowg, too. >> no, it's not. >> mine srtta edflovergowin re thein mutes ago. "h>> otel antransylvia o"tws i av laaie bl ainll sretos now. ut cie pie has a fun new ve adentur h foris .fans slet'y plaer aft this. l >>oet's gth over and ere get o someat.f thwoorrk fhe ts dog tytwenou-fver sen. i heam tut bler. th e esgs sdod heke clizyra. it l'se beikg insideinof sno aglw e.ob it ak tawes an lot ful of o time thekeep tse c hou.lean do i own't knt to wha do. (d eloorbl) at'swhhi t swis?erffsw peeeanr std isthni is ndce abo easy .ys llit reaicksy stit to . it its fllin aig the tceht spas. th is isalre hadoes t ft lookiar amilouto y?
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tslof ma oetrkg going in inon is athleis .fay lanclsbeslic, dek gns;si this's oneot gwe flo ors,n it pit'sttrey. after the stomach flrau myvages me ho i s, amseuppod btoieveelha tan ot ancereez b eis gnaonlow b aity?wa .nopl seea. i whaknoweat clsmn ikells lleace, bh. methe saach ble kthat nocksysdown dry.ente d aneacl up nsimcrsce esen. you twantd o spens3 buckon l d iqui bdoubt,uee my gst. yo cu wantgelean, cleat a ner bwithinleach it. orox clns mea. clean > >> i hes one oef th bstigge st inars theworld. us trts u if youav hen'tea h ordf hi m t,ye your k ids. have >> yoeutubsa sentionut cie e.pi rberschag. ha >> whe dt's oing onhis t
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ou >> yorstr wma night asre a nt parela, pying video mega wanw heists hs fan tooi jn m hi a on new atudvenrele cald he y. >> y! he >> o s peeopl are winatchg you ay pleo vid megas. >> of secour. d >>id it catche lik fiwildre? >> .no it v wasery .slow it oo tk ahi wle for it to start out. ow>> hg lon ihastn bee ae hug ho obbyfyo urs? >> i loveeo vides gam myho wle fe li. a islwaye lov thea ide of ar sh ging pamelay on.line si'm yure douo as .well i ay alwste wand too d utyoube. ar st ted. re>> a m yougakin aoo g ldgivin th isway? t'>> isam g.azin my job iso ty plaid veo s,game a jo llb a the ptsaren sayl wil rneveis ext. ex y.actl y >>ouav hes thi new showle cald "s dcare iepewd "pie.
10:23 am
sc yoare u? >> ha tt's ghrit. i wastireacngo tor hror games. er thee w go. >> a >> nnd wowe'reak tingha tt to e tht nexev lelh wit alree-lif rr hooram gest tha i go ugthro h. w>>thare scas you? wh sat'shiomet tnghatre scas wd peie e?pi >> o smany gsthin. i' om sla gdt' is overau becset i swas auchri tergfyin ntmoh. >> if it's ae hug hitou y'll thave koeep it up, right? o>>h, gosh,'t don say that. >> he wanre c peeoplee ss thi on yo e?utub he>> cck it out. d>> i uon'terndanstdll ahi ts st uff. ur>> soue y . do no>> i, dot.n' r iyeall wish i ulcod. t doheyer advtise on e?ther w hoyo do aku m aeny nemoy? >> ye ah. it'sre p ttympsile. ah ye. w >> he're yappyou have aob j g dointhsomeyoing du're.oing sfindhiometoung ye lov and refigu h outoow t getai p fdor it . t >>shat' wmyhen dy dad used to
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ed b fun to ha ouve yg sinng alo withul popar ve lo ngsos. >> a!ye
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10:28 am
ga ye and tammy rrteell. ma eony p kplenowia d rnaoss and th e suesprem. a >>ot l ofpl peoeov c eredatth. >> detefinily. >> daho, xtne? >> ,okay hon. at wh'sou yram ne andre where a u yoom fr? im>> kro fpem synnanlv. ia >> 's she upxtne. ni fihesh tic lyr teo thst fir nu omberne hitor f the tatemps.tion iss gue u'yoday s what canak me me feelhi ts way my glir my l gir irmy gl >> s!ye [ ding ] >> baday d for daho's .book ba ayd d f yorour book, hoda. >> ikn ow! >>ke smobiy ro wnsonrote that ,songnd a manyeo pple might th hinkroe wte it with one ec sp wificoman in mind but has tu acallydm adittet tha he wtero it withy manen womun arohed t wo rld,lu incding u.yo >> allwo men. ok>> ay, ?hoda
10:29 am
f >>hinis l theyrico t one of st la 'syearos mtop pulared wding so angsdiccorong t ifspoty. here we .go on heyow n >> om ce .on ak te ment ioou yr lgovin msar >> !go s kis u mender theht lig of a sathoundrs sta [ ngdi ] >> ll a ri ght. ve>> ee ryonnois kgckin it out of p theark to day. oo>> pr .hoda az am on,ghthou. e >>d rhsheean, on hisew n al bum. it p's u a for bigrd awast a the am gr mys. lo>> leveab. >>toy.tall a >>ond s is hoda, loleveab. >> ih wise w had -- m waybee ul woved haha a cnce. wh yat'sour name and wherere a u yoom fr? >>el k flyrom newleor ans. in>> f tishyrhe lic tohi t s siclassoc ng, one of biarllbod's to enp tss cla oicsfll a .time go . weh bot i'm not what you
10:30 am
so iil wlay alws love you ng[ di ] t >>ishat e lik s thetar glspaned ba.nner if d youon't start outn i the trigh key'r youote nng goi to ma ke. it y>>'roue nifi. shed ol>> dly parton wrotet tha song. >> ac extly,tu feared on her 1987 al bumlejone. ss ma hiveit for weyhitn tohousn, 15ee wks atbe numrne o on the tschar. a >>nd yg"bod."uard ro>> fm od"brdyguaf ," oco. urse kstracev er. >> onemore. >> h weavee tim for one remo. al ghl rit. fi shnihe t c.lyri at whou's yram ne andre where a u yoom fr? ro>> fm wi-blkes,arre p.a. >> is finheh ton sgro fmon elt 'sjohnop pularhi t. ie hop you't dond min opi heou y don'tin md
10:31 am
yo u're in theld wor [ ding ] >> ?hoda ?hoda 'm>> io s hay.pp >> ou y'repo suptosed et l them ni fihesh t rilycs. syou eangvery one of them. wh heat tk hec isng wroh wit you? oget hverereo s i cannk spa u. yo o >>h. >> ha tnk u,yo ybever ody. ha>> tounk y andha tounk y and k thanu.yo >>'l youlov le theon sgom cing up from country cue,tiho tsma rhett. thank you, by the y,wa >> resu. >> a> fnddin out wthaap hpens en wha hodnd a jenna h tit he u the fls.viru's iteall a rg y bideal. withand ev f, er hes,acnd ahill cs, mo knowm its eeds n bia lug sotion: a anirntival. do kid n't ndarou withe th calflu,url yor docto wi hethin tst 4 fir8 s hourptof symoms k and ast aboupr tiescripifon tamlu. ta at fck theuslu vir atsoits iturce wflh tamiu, ntan a iviral h that stoelpsp
10:32 am
ta inmiflu uid liq s form iprfda apoved tre toheat tn flu i tpeople wo s week aof ageernd old wh u ose flmssymptorted sta twithint he lasdaystwo . fo beakinre tmig ta flu outell yctorr do y ifprou're ntegna , g,nursin ve haus seriohe conalthonditis, or ake theot rdi mecines. if ev you d anelop icallergio reactn, a vese rasreh, s orfigns o un l usuaorbehavi, tstopg taakinumifl an ll yd ca ouror doctia immed.tely ch aildren nd esadolscent pincuartilar may be at an increased risk eizuof s res,co ion,nfus bnoror a malha bevior. th moste om cn simode ct effemis are ld to er mode ateanaus an vod tingmi. an -fluti? go ivir antal th wilu tamif. do len't crt a d ackeshwind ield yruinplour trfet sa. liteh witlisafe te'sclexe usivmy"on t wayext" yo ku'llexnow y actl wwhen e'll tbe. here gi yvingorou mmee ti w for hatttmamoers st.
10:33 am
t eabuup, youddy.l 'lt itgeth timise. ahye n ok qot toouick n' dogot let il unt s i sayo. i got you... st t arngstroit we h thinlasteng oergy0%f 10 u'yo doire ingt! e wholqugrain ataker oand s. yooff u go. meet the matte with vidivmp new vivid matte liquid lip color from mbeayinllnee yow .rk no psw livi go wivid .th.. r supetusateracod rlo nensw se fuouseel dr chenou ylir ipsvin d vittmae. ma liybel vne's ividttmalie idqu kemat ipphaen maelybneliew nor yk hi he y u yook glod.oo k yothan fu, iodeel goll. it aarts sth wit reatingight. atth's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. th 'reydelie ouciand s lpheeep kmy ody b binanceal. i velohese t. su weetnsma an prz!esunthe , elfegood ru mmmm mm mmm , mmmm mmmmmm, mm mmm, mm mm mmm, m!
10:34 am
mmmm, mm , mmmmaiyoplt ng curieast a yec inf tionn ca daytakes. re g lievinchthe it... can enhappnt instaly. l vagisistremax ngth-i antipetch wisre e itliev ach odondinr antlsty he as tnsy cleae. so w why fait tomfeel coble?orta tr vaust gisil.
10:35 am
> >>e her isne ohi tng weno kw land aovebout oura hod n.woma e sh ahas lot of t.hear reappa yntly aound j bennaush hag ge haarr w amed fewrt heans i new yo rk . city i>>t wl il ubepo t w youyohen u e sepithe ece. je annand i ththoug iult woed b fu n tow sho some rdhainworkg people a littleit b of velo. >> norew ykers love their coffee and we're going to provide as ny ma as psiosble -- >> free pscu. >>ir fst st,op 6th ueaven. w >>hatyo do u ntwa? >> e.larg cr neam or.suga >> how muchs iit? $1 .50? >> ot n today! >>ha wto dyouet g every muffin? inmorng. >> a muffin. t >> iodayt's fr. ee >>o dyou wonder why we're doing th is? >> ar ptth of e owsh. >> jno,usto tput ale smi on yo ur face. we head ea. st w>>ree' going to pay for pe leop c'smuomteo t work. >> yes. oklo it!
10:36 am
>> it's are feus b deri. >> et g yroure fe round trip ck tiet. >> e havoo a gday d at wo.rk ppha yy.da ha ypp day! >> e,by erevy.ybod i >> tt's timeoea hdor nth to lourady qenuef ong aselch sloo in haemrl. >> er hee >> ur oin kesdnsou tras hug broht us here. >> t nex ,stop some cute dski. >> om ce on. >> e' wre !here >> rpsuseri. >> . hi >> hi, ysgu. wh o lesik to adre? read >>ho wts wanir the c ownool bo ok? >> ho wan w ttsbeo ha y?pp bauecse'm iap hpy >> aoo bk ofhe tirer vy owno t ta ke homeo tp helpi insre some great ki.ds anthyok u. y>> mouead my da y. w>>thas i pphaineng? >> ro g >> et gve or rehe! >> up gro g!hu et>> gr ove here. thiss ithege bigstug he' wve ev er had. >> sayhe cardd chseee.
10:37 am
>> the biggest hugs, the sweetest slemi fsmro new ie frnds. ne toxt sewp, nk yor pytresbneria ithospal. >> s thid coulybe mav feorit partth of e day. >> oh. >>re we' g toing ao goivnd ge th tanksopl peoeho wo d some al rerely gat work. i tcan' wait. >> an i c 'tereith. l >> iunchets s upn i a stecre lo oncati as ns ursein the diperiatunc githeatr forha wt th teyhink is a sffta meinet g. >>hi, guys! . hi whore a you? nnje aa indan wdte to come and sa tynkhayo u. >> thank you guys so much. >> ou y gsuy wkor so hdar a tllhe ti me. >> t forheur nseser he today, er thse i s auchhi tng as a free lu nch. e>> wh wis it s,waou yet g a car,ou yet g a car. but eainstoud, y get a ndsa,wich u yo get a ndsa.wich an thuk yo for ethvery yingou .do >> oh, come on. >> i can't bveelie howe nic it . is t>> bhegeig stseielfou ye'v ev erense.
10:38 am
be ertt, jtus as wwee re avlegin- - weav heoo gdew ns? >> n iks wal -y18olear-doh jn lu camanero. >> 'm i cceanr eefr. ro>> pybabl the oynl psoern ha iepp trnhaim hs i you. i'mpy hap forr you mifaly. >> e lov l.y'al h >>oue ctldn' waito tha sreis h su rirp wseh itethse nuros wh he sa avys hcoe beikme le family. >> oh, youn' didt arhe? t >>shat' azam ing. t >> iis,it w ahout ubdot,he t pmostourecist gif oef th day. >> love, love,e lovha tt pi ece. ha>> tst wa one ofse thoom ments wh wene goto tt meet thaou yng bo hay tout yug thoht- - ha>> tst wa anunplned. ushe jtal w ked?in h >>e did. an jousne jtde hand mehi ts on phe. t nory eve day you get aet twe ke li . this ar>> c weful yhenou show. >> s it'ot ny mho pne so it's ay ok. re heis it . ca wne go oscl?er 'sit awe tet fmro tim mw.cgra >> sgayin atwh, ?hoda >>e h wrotee nicoi gngen jna
10:39 am
stayum hble and kind. h heas aon sgt' thaals cled um "h ablend kind." >> why't don youic pkha tt tisomemesor f an i ?hoda >> iav h aepl coue ofim t aesnd thsomehaing s hneappedut be' wll li tstento in ohe t way t.ou h >>se i mngeltiea h artsdroun th centouryit whis h suloulf ic voe. >> th anoweer asome ersing, asthom trhetil w slg ins hi tela hst aiterfthi ts.moms te ofed an nepi hanaf bruster hing, listerine total care hes prlpenevcavit esti, stngreens thetteh d re anorstes tooth enamel. an it's weasyo ay t giveli esterinot taral ce to the total family. st lieerinot car boone , ttlenesix befits. topower mo your .uth and r fods skirtta ing ate si agx,li esterinmart sse riner delivs ex vitra catety pron ctioafter brushing. i' am likeer i boxrin a ng.ala smxer.l boyo t u don'ct mexpe..uch.
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op ndioid-ionuced catiostipn, c, oi usca by ede thioidopths useey to manage chronic pain. c oi dis afeif trente ypof co panstionti. s opioidk pablocigin snals, bu tht aney cls aoco black tytivi t in bhe.owel ali'm reugly strgglin f toreliind ..ef. adreto py ntai dif antferect piure? ye s! lk t tauro yor doctooiabout c d pr anipescrretion t atmenttion ops.
10:43 am
>> ou ann:ncer theit cyon ccert esseri on "y"todas i plyroud on spdsore by- - >> ho> t mastrhetav hing theer vy rs fiumt nberne ont courygl sine of the year. >> h wit h sismash hit "die a ha ppy"man, the topli selng gi dicotal yuntr sileng. c >>ouan yie belve that?
10:44 am
w noe hhas ati planumit h cdalle "c arashnd burn." osomehef t songs were co tt-wrieny b hise fam dad, rh ettkeains ands ioi jdne now by hisor gsgeou wi,fe urla.en atth y'sou inhe t o.vide i >>,t is yes. a>> yre soullti pchingin yo lfurseth, ?omas >> i am. i >>t seemsik l yeouam ce outf o ernowhnde a e nowonverye knows ur yo . name sp>> elleciay a songt tha swaso rs pe tonalo us,o te hav it asv m asuchce suc asss itid d is a ec sp ialth ing. eo>> p cpleanen ssehe t au titheneec f blingdehin . it ou>> y'reoi gong tin sg a new oneor f . us ra>> cndsh a rnbu. c >> iarryayt aw. o s iss gue it's overy bab
10:45 am
dwho'e havho tughtha tt time n'do stptond a sehomowir glhe t rlwod kpseepi sinnng an gdssue ie'v tneurdel mysf into aol syitar manin a'te lik m i' they onlne ot' thans i the oe shsha tt i am o duyoea hr ttha mi'ig r bhtkac at thend sou of lyonel cngalli do you hearha tt it 'she wre i'm at tit'sheou s ondf tedrarops fall infallg down do wn ala sgmmin door and aes lson neleard l ietno ather loverra csh and rnbu i no kwha tt itht mignd sou deja d an idav he to say
10:46 am
t buon i d't likehr tgowin it aw ay iw kno yould cou pbaroyblel tl me ri tghhe wre ien wt wngro bu steom gsuyan c'tav he a tllhe cklu if th oerson d'tin sgad s sgson dyoo u hrea ttha ri'mightk bac at he tou snd of lyonelli calng o dyou heart tha it 'sre whe'm it a 's it thend sou of troeardps fa gllinn dow do wn a mm slaingr doo and aso lesn le darne eti lth anoerov ler cshra and bu rn t' thaghs rit th anoover ler , ohth anoerer lovra csh and
10:47 am
wee ar we go now o ohea yh do ou yea h trtha i' igm racht bk at he t sound of lelonyal cngli dyoo uea hrha tt 'sit wrehe'm it a 's ithe t soundf otherd tearops fa gllinn dow do wn arledne i let aernother lovsh crand a bu rn ah ye i let another loverra csh and rn bu ea yh a who >> s!ye ye s! >>omthas,nk tha u.yo ng colaratustion aiagn. >> re appeciat it. >> t allhebe st.
10:48 am
fi trsthiss i "y"toda on, ,what da ho?
10:49 am
ha>> ts t wat!grea > >>, hi ngga. n' dot fo,rgetex ntsd tuee'ay wre go toing e giv it away. fiveuc lky vrsiewel wilin w a iz pre. >> to go gakldandho.comnd a ic clcok t.nnec > >>rrtomoeow we hav aig b show. an ry olreynds. >> sstexie dad e.aliv t >>hen weav hee thne jenr rl gious, yr higodcn.ldre >> kyes,llenda and kyliel wil be rehe. > >> andov le sritoes fmro co s uplewhoe havad me ithr tough the years.
10:50 am
e, byry eve.body e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin th ree al world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespe telyedneras a caise wan't it. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt'tanai wt. anwe ce mak prealgrros esghri tnofow per aopleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
10:51 am
e[chendrs ala appuse] a >>ncnnou ter:oday onac relha ra .y.. >> ral!chae a >>unnnocer:e makou yfrsel co tamforbleec bause everything isas eierh wit gires. >>hi tnk of yolfurse.>> no anceunr: hse'di lenng a ha nd in the kitchen and showing
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